General purpose ECR


A1 portable POS

A1 is a full function cash register, also has parking system function. outstanding features: easy to handheld, easy to charge, with built in 2100maH Li-battery, long time work, excellent printing result, clearly display, intelligent PLU name input.
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Date: 2011-12-09
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       A1 is a full function general purpose ECR, also A1 has the following outstanding features: easy to hand hold, easy to charge. A1 with built in 2100maH Li-battery,  long time work, excellent printing result, clearly display, intelligent PLU name input. A1 is the best choice of mobile registration.
Advantages of operation
    1. Intelligent PLU name input, no need remember PLU no, no need use scanner code.
    2. F1 key is multi-function key. It can pop up different menu in  different operation mode, the user can choice the next operation easily.
Advantages of Performance
       Comparing with the traditional hand-held POS based on WINDOWS CE or LINUX. A1 has the following features:
    1. Boot-up time is very short, just 3 seconds.
    2. Safety without Virus
    3. High efficiency,no need clean up dirty data in spit of long time work
    4. More power saving, more operation time.
Advantages of registration
    1. Support all kinds of registration, PLU,%,+,-,void, Error correct, transaction void, return merchandise, Table function.
    2. A lots of report: various daily and PTD reports and Any date reports
    3. Powerful VIP function: supports VIP price, points, level, balance.
    4. Amount and quantity can be programmed with None-decimal or two decimal.
A1 General purpose ECR
Net Weight(KG)
2100mAH Li
Operation Temperature
58mm thermal printer
128*64 LCD
Strip card reader
External device
PC/Barcode reader/PS2 keyboard
PLU input
PLU name intelligent input, or by code
PLU, %,+,-…
Error correct
EC, void, transaction void, RM
Electronic journal
18350 records
Mode change
9 clerks + 1 supervisor
VIP price, points, Level, balance, auto-discount
DC charger
Car charger
A1 General purpose ECR
Car Parking system function
New firmware A1XX-TB-XXX support car parking system. After factory reset, A1 works as normal hand held ECR. After program an system option(TS17.H), A1 will become car parking device.
A. Function listed:
1. Settings for time limitation, charge amount and limitations
2. Register card no for start parking
3. Recall parked car by car no
4. Recall parked car by auto table no
5. Media by Cash or Credit or Charge
6. X/Z report for daily transaction
7. X/Z report for hourly transaction
8. X/Z report for clerk operation
9. X report for electronic journal
10. X report for list parked cars, list the parked cars which over the specified days
B. Change from normal ECR to car parking function
      R mode-input super password-991722222221-[SHIFT]
 You can see on the 1st line of screen:
      “0000/0100   ESCtoMenu”
       0000: parked car nos.
       0100: total park capability (can be programmed, default 100, max. 1024)
 A1 will show park system menu. (new menu)
C. Parameter settings 
Parked duration: the time start from parked to now.
1. Minutes of free (TA): the free minutes
2. Minutes of charge(TB): the max. minutes of min charge amount (MA)
3. Hours of interval(TC): the interval charge hours if over TB
4. Amount of min. charge(MA): the Min. charge amount
5. Amount of interval(MB): the charge amount for each interval hour
6. Amount of one day(MC): the Max. charge amount for one day if parked duration over one               day
7. Max. No. of parking: total parking positions. Default 100, Max. 1024
D. Charge calculation method
   That suppose park duration seconds is TP
   1. If TP<1day:
 If TP<=TA: charge =free
   If TP>TA and TP<= TB: charge=MA
   If TP>TB: charge=MA+ intervals hours*MB, if charge>MC, then charge=MC
2. If TP>1 day
    Charge=parked days*MC+ remain hours*TC
E. Operation
1. Register to parking
[PLU], A1 show “Register car no.”, input car no, then [Enter]
A receipt will auto issued: an auto table no(park no) such as <0012> is printed on the receipt. This no. can used for recall the bill.
2. Recall by table no
(input park no)-[PLU]
A1 will show car no at 1st line, duration as 2nd line, and charge amount at screen
3. Recall by car no
[.] A1 will show “Search by car no.”, input part of car no, then [Enter]
A1 will show car no at 1st line, duration as 2nd line, and charge amount at screen
4. Close again
After recalled a bill, [F1]-close again
The park is continue
5. Transaction void
After recalled a bill, [F1]-transaction void
The park is reset. 
6. Media by Credit/charge
After recalled a bill, [F1]-CREDIT/CHARGE
The park is finalized by credit or charge
7. Media by Cash
After recalled a bill, [CASH]
The park is finalized.
F. Reports
X report only list the reports, Z report list and clear the reports
1. Daily/PTD full report
It will list: charge amount and times, park void times and amount, Cash, Credit and charge media times and amount.
2. Clerk report
  Daily/PTD clerk reports: will list charge amount and times for each clerk.
3. Hourly report
  Daily/PTD hourly reports: will list charge amount and times for each hours
4. List of parked cars
 A1 will ask the park days, this report will list all the parked cars which park duration over the specified days.
5. Trans. Log report:
 By date: this report will list specified date period transaction
By receipt no: this report will list specified receipt transaction