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APK introduction of ECRCN
Date: 2019-04-22   Hit: 1213
 APK latest version is V600-190418
Many useful functions to meet customer requirment
The corresponding mobile order is v1.3
Main function list:
*Standalone application.
  Food/Retail and Scale/Label applicability can be selected
  Server/client mode. Server can merge sales and reports of all clinets
  Kitchen printer can be shared
  Mobile order support
*Licence management
  The dealer can rent machine to customer. controlled by licence code.
  APK can work half month(15days),1month,2months,.....12months
* Customer function 
   Deposit/debit,balance, auto discount,view history bought
L1-L9 fields description can be modified by user to meet various application.
for example can rename as Address, tel no. ID no, tax no....
 * VIP function 
   Acc point. Deposit/debit/given. levels...
  VIP function or customer function can be selected by user.
*Stock management
   Safe stock, stock in/out/adjust,movement report
  Terminal full report
  Department,PLU,clerk,hourly, history report to meet customer requirement
  In case of network ECR mode, server report can has:
  "sales total report"--all machines consolidation sales report
 "01-sales total report"--machine no #01 
 "02-sales total report"--machine no #02 sales(if clients with machine no #02)
 "03-sales total report"--machine no #03 sales(if clients with machine no #03)
  Can send mail to boss, sale report,stock report....
*Http server
  Built in a simple http server, can view all kind of reports
 User can use browser to view the reports
 small Keypad for quick operation
  Department sale, PLU sale.
  %, +/- 
 Open price 
 Partly bill/split bill
 Condiment operation
  PLU set menu operation
 Table no copy/change/combination
 Payment extra charge for credit or other kind of payment.
Department can sell
Department reverse calculation
PLU Set menu, packet PLU
PLU Condiment
PLU single item
PLU promotion
PLU price level 1/2/3
PLU name. name2 for kitchen printer
PLU barcode can be numeric or alphabet
PLU can be packet or linked with condiment group
Clerk management
Supervisor/Manager/normal clerk with password control and operation limitations
Training mode support. the training clerk code is 98
Multi clerk operation support
P settings-data-other options-multi clerk allow->yes.
This is good for multi clerk operation same machine. application like haircut shop
 Value added Tax or Tax system can be choosed
Cooking message
can with extra charge for special cooking
Media and rounding
Total 9 kind of media, extra payment charge can be add except cash
European rounding,Scandinavia rounding
I/F external device support
USB/Ethernet/RS232 printers can be selected.
For printers:
Support 58/80mm Mini printer, Highly recommend to use Ethernet printer.
Header and tail program
Store logo support
3 kinds of bill format can be choosed
Ticket control. 
Printer charset: if not English, please select Unicode.
Table no support by list or graphic layout
This is graphic layout, user can change default picture.
P settings-data-other option, can select  layout graphic table no or list table no.
Backup /Restore function
Export/import to/from Function
Options control
Details control in DATA menu:
such as machine set, label set, keypad set, UI set, decimal point set......

There are several promotion
1. For single PLU promotion.
2.All receipts perform %
   This is good for new opening shop promotion
3.Auto price level
   This is time period promotion. price 2 or price 3 can be used for a certain time period
 promotion can be disable by:
P settings-other option-promotion allow

Split bill 
support split bill or AAA pay for the bill

 Partly bill
support partly PLUs make a bill to the customer.

Picture recipe
Either department or PLU can set and show pictures.
More details contact us please