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Arabic/Urdu ECR introduction
Date: 2019-05-04   Hit: 4326
General purpose cash register(ECR) support Arabic language
Characters in ISO-8859-6 (Arabic) supported in ECR. Printing(built in printer or external kitchen printer), LCD display, keyboard input all is support.
For Urdu. characters in Window-1254(Urdu) supported in ECR.
Also, we provide free PC software can download and upload data between PC and ECR
ECR inside support Arabic and 2nd language English
Default standard Arabic(RTL),can shift to English-Arabic(LTR) or Standard English by program system flag 
Amount decimal point support 0/2/3 decimals
Kuwait required 3 decimal
some country required 2 decimal, some required NO decimal

Backup battery (6V3A LFP) supported for continuously work 2 hours at least
A5,K6(kb62),KB81 all ECRCN model support Arabic

Arabic ECR receipt sample(RTL)

Arabic characters show on 128x64 LCD

Arabic keyboard layout(A5)