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XFR-V103 (9.7 and 10.1inch)

This is a stable version. XMB: please use same version.
Name: apos_release_1097-XFR-V103.apk
Date: 2020-01-10
Hit: 26


improved a little:
1. Add currency symble print option.
2. Deptment add ticket print option,
3. KP route rules (either 1st valid KP or bill printer) 
1. Add maintenance function in P-data
   Autobackp in 1,3,6 months internval
   Auto cleanup after auto backup: will clear the sales data before 3 or 6 months (this is actived after autobackup)
  default: both NOT ACTIVE
  it is used for speed up if long time operation and database size become big.
2. Sloved bug: when clerk set TNVOID disabled, still can delete tables
3.Improved: when print menu item or condiment on receipt, will not print price and amount (because it is all zero)
1. Remove bug: if talbe moved, when you choose table no List function, will crash.
2. Remove bug: Qty input not cleared for next touch operation
3. Improved: When XMB sync from server, may have duplicate data. or cant sync.
4. support max 8 kps
5. Add PLU batch unify function,and PLU copy function
6. Add user defined keypad
7.Add promoter report under Clerk report
8. Add Top24 Qty/amount PLU report under PLU report
9. Add condiment report under PLU report
10. Add EATIN.OUT.TAKE AWAY in full report